My Story

Demmie Hicks

A 26-year consultancy advising executives shaped what I do now.
And what I do now is: bring positive change to the world by working with early- and mid-career professionals.

I do this in two ways.

The first is helping these professionals – you – become better prepared to lead organizations. I’m taking all that I’ve learned from guiding C-suite execs to become more effective leaders – and bringing it back to women and men who see the C-suite in their future. The professionals I work with come from richly diverse fields and backgrounds, but they share one magnificent trait: They seek to achieve greater equity and inclusion in the enterprises they will ultimately lead.
My second passion is a nonprofit initiative, Women Making News. This idea was born out of the pandemic, when I met so many women who faced extraordinary workloads and responsibilities. They had too much to juggle and too little time to develop themselves. Women Making News provides two things to women and men alike:
  • A free monthly broadcast, WMN Live!, which features an inspiring speaker who has triumphed over obstacles and setbacks in career and life
  • Professional coaching — 1-to-1, or in groups — that’s shaped around a particular goal or area of need.

The common thread between my new consultancy and Women Making News is transformation. Our world will be a better place because our future leaders will be fully prepared to light a new path.

For more on my background, visit my LinkedIn Page.

In the words of leaders who’ve worked with Demmie...

“You took me from being frustrated and confused to better understanding my value. I initially thought of our engagement as work-related, but you helped me move forward as a person. Work is a very important aspect in my life, but it does not define me. Thanks for helping me understand my value, and more importantly understand what I value.”

— Senior VP after a difficult acquisition

Demmie’s ‘thinking partner’ process allows me to see blind spots that I might not otherwise see. Her ability to care personally and challenge directly creates an open and engaging environment.”

—Regional CEO of one of the 10 largest insurance brokerages in the U.S.

“Demmie is easy to talk to — a good listener — but also an insightful questioner who doesn’t settle for superficial answers. After each meeting I have new ideas, a fresh perspective, and renewed energy for the difficult work I’m called to do.”

— Executive Director of a nonprofit focused on ending domestic violence

“Demmie’s ability to ask the right questions and press into blind spots has brought understanding, clarity and direction during some of the most challenging and disruptive moments of my career.”

— Emerging Leader after an organization transition

Demmie brings experience and an unbiased perspective that helps me work through challenges and rise to be the leader I want to be.”

— CEO responsible for $85M of annualized revenue

“’Rewarding’ is not really the word I would use to describe my interactions with Demmie. Most days it feels like ‘life-saving’. Thank you for continuing to work with us and for all that you do. It is greatly appreciated.”

— Second-generation CEO responsible for $6M of annualized revenue