I work with CEOs, executive leaders, and aspiring professionals to guide, support, and advise them on the critical issues required to lead forward to growth, sustainability, joy, and satisfaction.

Complexity and uncertainty require Leaders to seek a higher vision of themselves that aligns with their values. Go deeper to access resources you already have and seek wise council to make tough decisions with integrity. Higher Level Leadership Coaching and V3 Coaching give you the tools to thrive as you serve the well-being of others.

Demmie Hicks, 2019


Moving Women Forward

This interactive program is designed to prepare women to succeed in leadership roles and advance when an opportunity arises. The glass ceiling is the informal barrier that keeps women out of upper management. According to …

Emerging Leaders Learn by Doing

This program helps emerging leaders develop critical skills by experiencing situations that reflect the challenges, disruptions, and growth of organizations similar to their own.   “This course is fundamental for the personal and professional development …

Guiding leaders through complexity and change for over 25 years.