You grow an organization with a team that’s solidly behind you.

A team with a force of ideas and talents, engaged in your vision, motivated to excel.

...because you know how to bring out the best in people.

And the enterprise you lead? It not only gets results – it’s unwavering in its commitment to people.

But perhaps you see yourself as not quite there yet.

You have areas to work on, obstacles to overcome, things to figure out.

If so, let’s talk.

Demmie Hicks

Hi, I'm Demmie

I work with current and aspiring leaders who are socially conscious and impact-driven – and who see the C-suite in their future.

I spent a quarter-century helping business leaders grow their bottom line. I listened, facilitated, challenged and counseled.

I’m now applying all that I learned for a new purpose: Preparing you for exceptional leadership.

The exceptional leader devotes equal energy to both the destination and the journey.

The destination is...growing the bottom line, evolving the enterprise, meeting or exceeding goals.

The journey is placing the highest value on developing people - building diversity, creating an inclusive culture, promoting true equity throughout the organization.

Becoming this kind of leader takes work. But the personal and professional rewards are extraordinary.

I want to help you secure these rewards.

If this interests you, tell me a little about yourself.

After which, we can have a one-hour conversation – at no cost and no further obligation to you.