Getting There

The exceptional leader is more than strategic and tactical.

He or she is also reflective, self-aware, other-minded – or determined to become more of any of these.

This kind of leader works to get results in an organization, yes, but also pursues answers to important questions in a larger context:

  • How do I ensure that the culture of my enterprise unfailingly promotes equity and inclusion?
  • What larger influence can the organization have – or impact can it make – on the world today?
  • What’s the everyday reality of the people inside the organization – their struggles, challenges, fears and motivations – and how can leadership help them to be their best?

I work with professionals who view leadership through this lens.

They have all kinds of personal values and political beliefs, and they come from all walks of life. But they share a common trait:

They want to evolve as leaders and as people.

Young professional women working together

To truly evolve, they know they must “do the work” of self-exploration, to journey through their own experiences as well as those of others.

This can be really hard at times. But if you’re willing to make this journey, you’ll be so much better prepared to foster a culture of equity and inclusion… clear the obstacles that keep people from realizing their potential … and transcend bottom-line performance to make the organization a force for greater good.

Professional man sitting in office with laptop open

Here’s what working with me looks like


A first conversation.

This is not my time to sell you on an engagement – it’s your time to share your aims and ambitions, and to outline what you think are the obstacles ahead. This one-hour conversation is offered at no cost and no further obligation to you.


A road map.

Together, we’ll shape an engagement that identifies your unique goals and how we’ll work to achieve them. The course we chart includes topics to cover and resources to consult, as well as the cost of the engagement.


1-to-1 sessions.

These could be weekly or monthly, or something in between, or something beyond. They’re in person, via Zoom or by phone. Typically, they last an hour. In these sessions, we start with where you are and focus on your priorities. The exploration we do will be complex at times, taking you to a variety of places – but I guarantee, they’ll get you thinking.

Ping Power

Outside of our sessions, you might want to ping me with a question or quandary. I’ll answer your text or call, and then we’ll talk through what’s on your mind.

How Much it Costs

Pricing is flexible and we'll decide the appropriate fee structure together. Your investment will be determined when we create the road map.

A Way Out

If the engagement isn’t working for you, it’s not in either of our best interests to continue it. So while we will have a recommended timetable, you can exit anytime, with no further financial commitment.