Recently, my friend was talking about how her life turned on a dime. One day she was fine, living the life she had envisioned. Suddenly, a diagnosis from her doctor changed her life… snap just like that! Most of us think that bad news is the end; we focus on unthinkable outcomes, often too painful to ponder.

I wondered where that expression, turned on a dime, came from. The dime is our smallest coin but the original meaning had to do with the maneuverability of a car. The turning radius was so tight it could make precise turns! Originally, the term came into usage in 1880, but life could turn on a five cent piece back then!

Yet, it occurred to me, if you could simply flip that coin, from loss to gain, I would have a fresh perspective, a different way of living, revised goals, and new options. How can we see that a life reversed so quickly, could be just the boost we need to finally let go of fear? (False Evidence Appearing Real). We can finally stretch into new paths and insights.

I believe we always have a chance to choose anew, to give up the excuses and blame and finally find our way. It takes courage to find clarity and to realize you are more capable and resourceful than you ever imagined.  Can we be brave enough to ask for help and support when we need it most? I know for sure that people do want to be there for you. One of my greatest joys is to serve others.

What is your higher vision of yourself?  Make it the one that steps out, steps up and creatively reaches for a new goal even if it is small. Ultimately, our lives are guided by small events, even turning on a dime.  It is time for change.