“I have had the pleasure of working with Demmie over the past 20 years in numerous capacities in my role as Chairman and CEO. I consider her a trusted advisor with vast knowledge and a wide range of experience garnered from working with leaders combined with her study of Gestalt and Jungian psychology. Demmie is exceptionally professional and has a keen attention to detail. She provides valuable coaching and consulting to her clientele with an intuitive ability to predict their requests and needs.”

Robert Cohen, Chairman & CEO, IMA Financial Group

“We engaged Demmie Hicks in 2013 as our organization was going through a significant leadership transition. With her expertise and experience, we were able to develop and execute a transition plan that enabled us to continue, and even accelerate, our growth strategies. She provided valuable coaching, strategic planning, and team building which enhanced our culture while developing our next generation of leaders. Her many talents have been critical to our success and it’s a privilege to have her as a partner and friend. I highly recommend Demmie as a business partner for any organization looking for help in navigating a leadership transition, enhancing their strategic planning, embarking on a structural change, or developing current and/or future leaders.”

CEO who joined the organization six years ago when revenues were $35M and are currently $80M

“Working with Demmie allows me to grow both personally and professionally. She brings experience and an unbiased perspective that helps me work through challenges and rise to be the strategic leader I want to be. Demmie keeps me accountable to my true self while learning to think differently and flourish in a fast-paced environment.

Regional CEO of a public company with annualized revenue of $1.2B

“Nonprofit leaders are servants at heart — prioritizing the mission and needs of the staff and volunteers who carry it out. Not only is it hard to carve out time, as executive director with no direct peer, it’s impossible to find someone within our organization with whom to process the many issues that we face. Over the past two years, my monthly meetings with Demmie have been invaluable. People would think that we’re old friends catching up over dinner, as our conversation flows effortlessly in a corner booth of a favorite restaurant. She is easy to talk to — a good listener — but also an insightful questioner who doesn’t settle for superficial answers. After each meeting I have new ideas, a fresh perspective, and renewed energy for the difficult work I’m called to do.

Executive Director of a nonprofit focused on ending domestic violence

“Working with Demmie the past four years has helped shape my ability to understand the changing landscape of the independent insurance agency model. Her ‘thinking partner’ process, allows me to better see blind spots, that I might not otherwise see. Demmie’s experience — working with small, privately-held agencies to large, publicly traded ones and from bank-owned to private equity — allows her to bring a diverse view to any situation. Her ability to care personally and challenge directly creates an open and engaging environment.”

Regional CEO of one of the top 10 insurance brokerages by size in the United States

“You took me from being frustrated and confused to better understanding my value. I initially thought of our engagement as work related, but it became much more than that. You helped me move forward as a person. Work is a very important aspect in my life, but it does not define me. Thanks for helping me understand my value, and more importantly understand what I value. You helped me be a better father, a better husband, and incidentally a better employee of my organization.”

SVP following a difficult acquisition transition

“Demmie had a profound impact on my leadership journey and has proven to be an invaluable asset to me and those around me. Her ability to ask the right questions and press into blind spots has brought understanding, clarity, and direction during some of the most challenging and disruptive moments of my career.”

Emerging Leader whose role changed during a regional transition within his organization

“Demmie’s Emerging Leaders program is fundamental for the personal and professional development of our next generation stakeholders and future leaders. It’s a hands-on practical approach that provides clarity and insight to the practice of thought leadership and has been an awakening experience on many levels for participants within our organization. I highly recommend it for committed firms responsible for paying it forward.”

CEO of a 130+ year old company with 14 offices in the eastern United States

“Demmie Hicks is a pro. She has been an invaluable thinking partner, coach, and performance ignitor for me personally and for the broader leadership team of my organization. Her wisdom and unique expertise in the areas of human behavior, leadership, and organizational dynamics has helped us tremendously.”

President of a 150-year-old company with nine offices serving clients in the United States