Embrace your Value, discover your Voice, and radiate Vitality

Whether you have a position of leadership within your organization or you’re a woman aspiring to become a leader, honing your V3 — Value, Voice, and Vitality — is the first step to Higher Vision Leadership.

One-on-one V3 Coaching sessions are confidential and unique to each woman. Your first few sessions will focus on these topics:

  • Establishing what values are of top importance in your work and life
  • Clarifying what differentiates YOU? (Self-awareness, self-empowerment, action)
  • Addressing ways of valuing yourself as you envision who you are now and your life ahead
  • Understanding why a lifelong path to self-awareness is important
  • Exploring ways to access resources you never knew you had

“You took me from being frustrated and confused to better understanding my value. I initially thought of our engagement as work related, but it became much more than that. You helped me move forward as a person. Work is a very important aspect in my life, but it does not define me. Thanks for helping me understand my value, and more importantly understand what I value.

~ SVP following a difficult acquisition transition

Subsequent coaching sessions may focus on:

  • Learning to know and ask for what you want, creating your heart’s desire
  • Understanding privilege (your own and that of others) and how to work with it
  • Developing a plan to get a seat at the table, if that’s what you want
  • Creating a strategy to manage up while holding on to yourself
  • Developing a thick skin by standing authentically in your why
  • Embracing the use of humor and learning to lighten up
  • Identifying and cultivating your inner circle
  • Expanding your influence; how it’s tied to self-value and affects interactions with others
  • Exhibiting presence that is authentic and lasting
  • Honing the art of observation to identify internal resources and external environment
  • Maximizing critical thinking and strategy
  • Navigating and adapting to change
  • Using the Feminine: Connection, Relating, Helping, and Stories
  • Using the Masculine: Action and Accountability

“Demmie is easy to talk to — a good listener — but also an insightful questioner who doesn’t settle for superficial answers. After each meeting I have new ideas, a fresh perspective, and renewed energy for the difficult work I’m called to do.

~ Executive Director of a nonprofit focused on ending domestic violence

Want to know how I can help you move successfully to the future you envision? Contact me now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. I would love to discuss how you can learn to make a real difference that impacts people’s lives every day.