Managing change during mergers and acquisitions can be difficult.

Whether you’re a part of the acquiring company or the company being acquired, M&A present some of the most disruptive challenges to organizations. DBH Consulting provides expert M&A services to help make mergers and acquisitions successful.

Demmie Hicks is a specialist in M&A integration, having helped businesses through mergers and acquisitions since 2000. Her strategies for a successful merger and acquisition are effective and specific to each business’ culture and industry.

There are a wide range of fears that your team may face during a merger and acquisition:

  • Uncertainty and lack of confidence in management
  • Fear of termination for job redundancy
  • Lack of understanding of or skepticism in the new culture or vision
  • Lack of clarity on new or altered job roles
  • Overall resistance to change
  • Increased frustration and confusion
  • Trepidation in communicating concerns
  • Fear of becoming expendable, irrelevant

DBH Consulting has developed a proven approach to easing these fears and the challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions. We help to preserve a company’s most important asset – their people. Our M&A process is formulated to minimize concerns, prevent unnecessary attrition, and smooth the path toward a healthy enterprise. We work in direct contact with your business to develop solutions that are specific to your company’s needs.

Together, we will explore

  • Integration planning
  • Communication strategy for internal and external stakeholders
  • The development of a transition management plan that anticipates the impact of leadership changes
  • Goals, values, mission, vision, and policies of the new company
  • Employee retention and involvement
  • Establishing appropriate training programs
  • An action plan for unifying diverse cultures
  • And more

For the most successful merger and acquisition transition, contact the expert M&A consultants at DBH Consulting. Our M&A integration strategies will help create sustainable value for you and your business.