Helping leaders navigate turbulence and thrive in uncertainty.

Winning companies succeed by overcoming difficulties faster than their competitors and by adapting to market and industry changes through innovative strategies, services, and products. Moving into your vision as a leader requires the ability and desire to thrive in uncertainty.

Facing these challenges can be daunting. Every high-performing leader faces a variety of hurdles, but the most successful ones identify one or more trusted advisors to help them navigate the turbulence.


“Demmie’s ability to ask the right questions and press into blind spots has brought understanding, clarity, and direction during some of the most challenging and disruptive moments of my career.”
~ Emerging Leader whose role changed during a regional transition within his organization


Since 1994, through DBH Consulting and as a solo practitioner, I have worked with CEOs, executive leaders, and emerging leaders to guide, support, and advise them on the critical issues required to lead forward to growth and sustainability, as well as joy and satisfaction.

As a thinking partner, I work one-on-one with leaders to confidentially provide expertise and insight that helps them work through short- and long-term challenges. One leader said I assisted in “cleaning their windshield” so they could clearly see the best way forward.


“We engaged Demmie as our organization was going through a significant transition. With her expertise and experience, we were able to accelerate our growth strategies.”
~ SVP following a difficult merger


Transformation is a requirement, not a buzz word. My first entry into an organization is typically working with the CEO. Often, I then work with others on their leadership team.

In addition to a degree in business/economics, I’ve worked with, observed, and learned from hundreds of leaders in a wide gamut of real time scenarios. I have a depth of knowledge and understanding of extremely complex scenarios that allows me to conceptualize, empathize, and provide foresight to leaders in privately-held companies, public enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and institutions.

For the past 25 years, I have studied Gestalt and Jungian Psychology. A key principle of Gestalt is to tend to disturbances first, as a means for moving forward. Jungian teaches the tension of opposites — holding opposite, coexisting thoughts, feelings, and ideas as a way to create more space to “see” and expand. Through dialogue, deep listening, and questioning, I integrate these and other principles into my work with leaders.

Client sessions have been described as grounding and centering; a place to gain clarity and solve problems; and a space to examine the worst and reflect on what is working well.

Want to know how I can help you thrive in uncertainty? Contact me now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. I would simply love to discuss helping you lead your business to its full potential.