Get effective support for your vision as the CEO with a trusted thinking partner.


Despite all you have accomplished and your achievement of CEO status, there are very few people that you, the CEO, can confide in to overcome obstacles and create effective solutions for your business. Having a trusted thinking partner is key to reaching and retaining the clarity and focus required to lead your company. Not only in meeting and exceeding goals, but also in strengthening your foundation as the top leader in your organization.

The demands of leadership can be overwhelming. I have more than 30 years of accumulated business acumen and extensive experience in navigating turbulence within organizations, including a specialization in M&A integration and the related issues around culture and people. I’ve also worked with, observed, and learned from hundreds of leaders like you in a wide gamut of real time scenarios.


“Demmie brings experience and an unbiased perspective that helps me work through challenges and rise to be the strategic leader I want to be.”

~ CEO responsible for $75M of annualized revenue


One-on-one CEO sessions are confidential and unique to each leader. Common themes include:

  • Acknowledging successes and accomplishments 
  • Exploring hopes, dreams, and desires 
  • Vulnerability due to change and uncertainty
  • Navigating overwhelming authority and responsibilities 
  • Help identify behaviors or patterns that hold you back
  • Effective communication techniques when the stakes are high
  • Thinking through a new idea or initiative, challenges, and solutions 

In addition to a degree in business/economics, I have studied Gestalt and Jungian Psychology for 25 years and integrate both into my approach with leaders. In a safe, enriching and connecting space, I invite each client to bring what is most pressing for them at the time. CEOs who engage me are strong and capable individuals, understanding the role that guiding support can add to their leadership journey.


“Her ‘thinking partner’ process allows me to see blind spots that I might not otherwise see. Demmie’s ability to care personally and challenge directly creates an open and engaging environment.”

~ Regional CEO of one of the top 10 insurance brokerages by size in the United States


By simply listening and offering professional feedback, I help CEOs focus on key activities to increase the value of their business including strategies to ensure their top employees have the talent, skills, and clarity to help their vision succeed. Nothing is more powerful than a unified team focused on achieving the same goal!

The relationships with my CEO clients often span multiple years as their companies evolve and grow through our productive partnership.

Want to know how I can help you move successfully to the future you envision? Contact me now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. I would simply love to discuss helping you lead your business to its full potential.