Turn awareness of diversity & inclusion into action through Value, Voice, and Vitality.

If you want to learn how to make a real difference that impacts people’s lives every day, this group is for you.

Our V3 Group pilot begins May 7, 2020. Get notified when registration opens for upcoming V3 Groups by joining our early interest list.


V3 Groups, led by Demmie Hicks, are made up of 6-8 leaders coming together once a week for four weeks to learn, share ideas, collaborate, and develop goals around diversity and inclusion. This isn’t about men against women, but about people against prejudice. Beyond the traditional definitions of diversity in regard to gender bias and stereotypes, group discussions will also explore diversity as it relates to age, cultural background, sexuality, social mobility, faith, caring responsibilities, mental health, and physical impairments.

Good intentions are not enough. Change depends upon individuals becoming more aware, taking responsibility for being part of the change, and spreading the message further than themselves.

Each V3 group is a safe place for business professionals to explore and evolve their beliefs and behaviors about ALL people, creating a workplace where ALL people are valued, have voice, and the opportunity to rise up.

A diverse workforce is good for business. D&I is how we interact and respect one another, about gathering the most and best ideas. It also has a long-term impact on productivity, employee retention, innovation, and profitability.

We need leaders as role models within their organization championing the cause of creating an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

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