Symbi helps you explore your possibilities, whether that be work or life in general.

This unique and personal path offers you a roadmap to explore your passions, dreams, and goals for the future by building upon your commitment to personal and professional growth.

A Symbi Session includes:


⭕Assessing your strengths and developing skills and abilities that will prepare you for the role you envision.

⭕Creating a vision for your life and your career to use as a guide and a roadmap.

⭕Using your differentiator factor to make progress in your life and career.


You will leave each Symbi session with clarity, direction, and the knowledge that you are moving forward and making progress in your life and career. The most significant benefit of Symbi is that your self-exploration is put into action and becomes real…for you.

What others are saying

“Demmie had a profound impact on my leadership journey and has proven to be an invaluable asset to me and those around me. Her ability to ask the right questions and press into blind spots has brought understanding, clarity, and direction during some of the most challenging and disruptive moments of my career.” —Emerging Leader whose role changed during a regional transition within his organization


“Nonprofit leaders are servants at heart — prioritizing the mission and needs of the staff and volunteers who carry it out. Not only is it hard to carve out time, as executive director with no direct peer, it’s impossible to find someone within our organization with whom to process the many issues that we face. Over the past two years, my monthly meetings with Demmie have been invaluable. People would think that we’re old friends catching up over dinner, as our conversation flows effortlessly in a corner booth of a favorite restaurant. She is easy to talk to — a good listener — but also an insightful questioner who doesn’t settle for superficial answers. After each meeting I have new ideas, a fresh perspective, and renewed energy for the difficult work I’m called to do.” —Executive Director of a nonprofit focused on ending domestic violence


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