This interactive program is designed to prepare women to succeed in leadership roles and advance when an opportunity arises.

The glass ceiling is the informal barrier that keeps women out of upper management. According to research touted in the Harvard Business Review, women often have a better chance of breaking through that ceiling when an organization is facing a crisis and the stakes, and risk of failure, are higher.

Focusing on three aspects of personal growth: understanding self; cultivating resources; and navigating change, we explore how women lead in a corporate environment with Courage, Optimism, Resilience, Choice, Creativity, and Self-Awareness.

Both individual and small group offerings are available based on desired outcomes. The cost of this program is intentionally accessible, so women at any point in their career are welcome to join.

Contact me for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Let’s talk about how this program can help you personally prepare for your next leadership role or assist your organization to develop your women leaders for advancement.

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