Connect with other high-integrity, professional women who want to explore the best ways to serve their organizations and communities through Higher Vision Leadership.

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Higher Vision Leadership (HVL) Roundtable discussions, led by Demmie Hicks, are made up of 6-8 professional women coming together to explore a defined topic and to share learnings around issues they are grappling with inside their industry, their community, or their organization.

Join our early interest list to be notified when registration is open for the next HVL Roundtable.


Open registration sessions are available for women from multiple organizations to share ideas and resources. Private HVL Roundtable sessions are also available for professional women from within your own organization to share in a facilitated discussion and deep dive on a particular topic or explore a policy that uniquely affects your culture.

As female leaders share the real issues that affect how they operate, they also challenge one another to think critically to arrive at potential solutions. Complexity and uncertainty require individuals to seek a higher vision of themselves as leaders. They go deeper to access resources they never knew they had available to them. They seek the council of others and make tough decisions. Higher Vision Leadership keeps chaos and drama at a minimum, while employing all measures of transparency.

Topics that roundtable groups can explore include:

  • What it means to answer the call to higher vision leadership in the midst disruption
  • Timely responses to unavoidable challenges (like COVID-19)
  • Best practices and preparation for effective communication during times of crisis, allowing your organization to protect employees, customers, and assets, while ensuring business continuity
  • Exploring beliefs and behaviors that promote the best interest of all through empathy, understanding, transformation, and integration
  • How a female leader can understand and manage her personal strengths and weaknesses through self-awareness to optimize her impact
  • Turning awareness of diversity and inclusion into action using Value, Voice, and Vitality
  • The unique challenges of leading in a virtual environment
  • The importance of a leader’s self-care, reflecting on what keeps you healthy and strong
  • Sharing the Practice that anchors you and provides balance during turbulent times

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Join our early interest list to be notified when registration opens for our next HVL Roundtable.