When CEOs and leaders are in the midst of change and disruption towards a new bold vision or bold innovation, those who are able to transform themselves into a growth and evolution mindset ahead of their teams and their organization are the ones who succeed. And indeed, they actually thrive business-wise and personally. So do their people and organizations.

To survive and thrive, a leader must transform herself/himself and step into the change and disruption they are facing and then envision and act on the new, larger dynamic. The leader needs to gain this expanded perspective with great flexibility early on and ahead of their teams and the rest of the organization. The leader must be open enough to prepare for things to look and feel different and to expect the unexpected, and expect it regularly.

Once they are in this new perspective, a wider space, they can prepare their people for change and disruption. They can help prevent or lessen the fear so many of their people will feel themselves or will encounter from others. And it is that fear and not being prepared for it that prevents many leaders and their organizations from successfully transforming in the new dynamic.

Resistance to change and fear of it is a natural human reaction. How will you prepare your teams and organization to meet change with less resistance? More importantly, how will you prepare yourself to move beyond your own resistance and fear to the wider space of the growth and evolution mindset?

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