The age-old adage that change is the only constant has proven true during the 25 years that DBH Consulting has been serving clients. I’m proud to share this milestone with all who have supported and guided me along the way — my heroes, sheroes, and angels from all walks of life.

The times we live in are challenging and the demands of leadership can be overwhelming. Leading and growing one’s self and an organization is a dynamic, messy, and exhilarating experience — full of fear, excitement, and hopefully joy.

Leaders learn by doing — by taking chances, embracing risks, making mistakes, and integrating their learning as they move forward. My personal/professional development, in addition to my experience of working alongside leaders over the past 25 years means I get it, I’ve done it, and I’m well equipped to guide leaders as they grow and change.

Embracing a growth mindset was the basis for the success I’ve achieved for myself and the foundation of why I’m able help others. As a young professional, I had numerous strengths and abilities, but lacked the internal and external resources to create stability and forward movement. My success was that I reached out for help and I continued to reach out as my personal and professional metamorphosis occurred. My advice to young people starting their career is to seek connection. Ask for help. Keep reaching out.

Working with CEOs and emerging leaders is a privilege that I hold with deep gratitude.

I have counseled, observed, learned from, guided and been guided by hundreds of leaders. Thank you to all my clients for their trust, confidence, respect, and belief in our partnership. Here’s to life-long learning and growing. 

Visit my new website when you can, I like it. I invite you to sign up for my monthly blog and to share your successes about growth and sustainability. Or share the issues you are grappling with as you grow your organization.


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