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CEOs and executives often seek my advice when trying to address something other than business goals or strategies. They are already know their business inside and out and are inundated with it. But they are looking for something more than strategy, action and execution. Even new and robust leadership educational programs are all about business and taking action. These are important aspects of growing a business AND yet…there is so much more to life and leadership than this.

What “feeds” high-performing and balanced CEOs and leaders other than business? That’s what I am interested in because I know it is what adds the juice to keep them going. It adds the juice to inspire themselves and their people, to help set the vision and enable their business and people to execute successfully.

Consider working from the premise that “life is more than business” and a saying that I greatly appreciate: “You can only put out what you take in.” If you expand your own perspective, you give those you are leading the opportunity to take in something new and to expand their own view.

Now the question is: what are you taking in and is it fulfilling? Is it enough for you? Does it give you enough to feed and create wider spaces for others?

Bringing in the sights and sounds of new experiences adds the juice to the “business of running the business.” Creating wider spaces for yourself and those around you is an essential part of a rich, full, rewarding and satisfying life – both business-wise AND personally. Wider spaces for reflection, creativity, and gaining new perspectives are essential for CEOs and those around them.

As a leader, you want this “wider spaces” view if you want to grow and lead an organization that attracts the best talent. As a CEO consultant and thinking partner, leaders engage me to help them discover a way of being that broadens and deepens their current perspective so that they can do the same for their people and organization. I will continue to explore and share more about the Wider Spaces perspective in future blog posts.

Want to know how I can help you create wider spaces for you and those you lead? Contact me now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. I would simply love to discuss helping you lead your business to its full potential.

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