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CEOs know their key clients. And they have KPIs to describe and quantify them. Revenue generated. Potential revenue stream. Value of client referrals. Customer loyalty. Industry influence. Marketing departments can slice and dice them even further by demographics and buyer personas to define and try to understand this target audience, get their attention and sell to them.

There is nothing wrong with this. It is a basic function of business. But does this classification and quantification color your perception and definition of each of your best clients? Can it rob you of the full value they can provide to you personally and your business?

Are you missing the opportunity to share wider spaces with these key clients not only for your benefit, but for theirs, too? If you and those you lead primarily see, think and speak of/to your clients through a lens of categorization, you may be missing opportunities for deeper, meaningful connections with these valuable people. Yes, your company wants to gain mindshare with your clients, but in addition to mindshare about your services or products, there are opportunities to create new perspectives with each one – both business-wise and personally.

A rich, full and rewarding life is more than just business success. Having a creative relationship with your clients is rewarding for your business and for you personally. Take the time to see what comes to your mind when you think or talk about your clients. Listen to how your teams talk about your clients. Is it mostly through the lens of metrics about the client’s business value?

Consider what else these valuable people can offer you as a CEO or leader if you view them beyond their value to your business. What happens if you take them out of the box your company may have put them into? How are your teams viewing and interacting with these clients? Is the mindshare about business only? Is there room to create new shared perspectives that empower the individuals as well as strengthen the business relationship?

Want to learn more about creating wider spaces for your teams and your clients? Contact me for a free, confidential consultation. I would love to explore how you can reach your business and personal goals.

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