Demmie Hicks sitting on park bench


Since 1994, through DBH Consulting and as a solo practitioner, Demmie has worked with CEOs, executive leaders, and emerging leaders to guide, support, and advise them on the critical issues required to lead forward to growth and sustainability, as well as joy and satisfaction. The leaders who engage Demmie are strong and capable individuals, understanding the role that guiding support and professional feedback can add to their leadership journey.


Working with Demmie allows me to grow both personally and professionally. She brings experience and an unbiased perspective that helps me work through challenges and rise to be the strategic leader I want to be. Demmie keeps me accountable to my true self while learning to think differently and flourish in a fast-paced environment.”

– Regional CEO of a public company with annualized revenue of $1.2B


The demands of leadership can be overwhelming. Demmie’s depth of knowledge and understanding of extremely complex scenarios allows her to conceptualize, empathize, and provide foresight to leaders in privately-held companies, public enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and institutions. She has worked with, observed, and learned from hundreds of leaders in a wide gamut of real time scenarios.

Her extensive business acumen and experience in navigating turbulence within organizations includes a specialization in M&A integration and the related issues around culture and people. The most successful leaders learn by doing, by taking chances, making mistakes, and assimilating the learning to move forward. Demmie advises them along the way.

In addition to a degree in business/economics, Demmie operates with a growth mindset of personal and professional development. For the past 25 years, she studied Gestalt and Jungian Psychology. A key principle of Gestalt is to tend to disturbances first, as a means for moving forward. Jungian teaches the tension of opposites — holding opposite, coexisting thoughts, feelings, and ideas as a way to create more space to “see” and expand. Through dialogue, deep listening, and questioning, Demmie integrates these and other principles into her work with clients.

As a thinking partner, Demmie provides clients with confidential guidance while they work through a new idea or initiative, a challenge, or possible solutions. Others come for help identifying behaviors or patterns that are holding them back or for assistance in carrying their overwhelming authority and responsibilities. Demmie helps clients with short- and long-term challenges and assists in “cleaning their windshield” so they can clearly see the best way forward.

Demmie is active in her community supporting organizations and programs that protect and empower women and children. Her passions include running, swimming, international and domestic travel, learning about interesting humans, and time spent in nature. Sharing experiences with her spouse is a top priority.

Based in metro Atlanta, Demmie resides in Athens, GA with an an office in the Buckhead district of north Atlanta.

Guiding leaders through complexity and change for over 25 years.